there’s good news, and there’s bad news

This morning’s news extravaganza yielded some wildly disparate results. First off:

Moderate stress during pregnancy does not harm the unborn child but can instead aid its later advancement, US research suggests.

BBC NEWS | Health | Stress may be good for the unborn

This is good to hear, since I was a bundle of anxiety during my pregnancy with Happy Fun Baby. (Speaking of my pregnancy: I’m trying to import the posts I made in LiveJournal all last year, but I’m apparently not clever enough to figure out how to do it. Anyone have any advice?) The fact that all the information I read at the time said that stress would practically guarantee a miscarriage didn’t make me feel any more relaxed. It’s like when you’re getting a back rub (I vaguely remember such things) and the masseuse says “Don’t tense up!” – it’s impossible to not.

Then, of course, I read this article in SF Gate:

“All toxic chemicals capable of accumulating in the human food chain will, sooner or later, reach their highest concentrations in the milk of human mothers,” writes Dr. Sandra Steingraber, an ecologist and mother, in Having Faith, her book on motherhood. “When it comes to persistent organic pollutants,” she goes on, “breast milk is the most contaminated of all human foods.”

GREEN / Milking It: Moms find industrial chemicals in their breast milk an outrage — and a call to action

Great. I’m feeding my son poison.

At least the fact that I’m stressed out about it is good for him…

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