sling to me

Hypnotic Lime with POCKET

Lucky Baby sling in Lime

I am so in love with this sling, I can’t even tell you. People have been raving at me about the wonders of babywearing since before Happy Fun Baby was even born, but he (and I) never took to it. This might change my mind, though.

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2 thoughts on “sling to me”

  1. The sling always makes my back hurt, which is why I gave up on it. I sort of wonder if now that Ellison’s a little bigger I can position it differently and make it work. I’m always carrying him around propped on my hip, and I wonder if I could strap him in place with the sling and at least free up my hands?

    I mostly want the sling because it’s so damn cute. But I’m trying to come up with other reasons. 😉


  2. Curious- do you ever find that the sling makes your back hurt? Or does it distribute the baby weight in a similar fashion to late pregnancy? We tried to sling for the longest time, but never had much luck with it.


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