stop and smell the babies

Took a while to snuggle my kid and think about how little he still is, even compared to how little he was when I got him. From the baby store. You know.

I don’t want to ever be able to say that I wish I had spent more time snuggling him. I mean, I snuggle him sort of constantly, but I’m talking deliberate snuggling, as opposed to circumstantial snuggling. It’s hard, because he’s very wriggly. He wants to be held, but he wants to be doing stuff while he’s being held. Unless he’s sleeping, in which case he wants me to not be doing stuff, including putting him down so I can use both my hands in tandem for a purpose other than baby wrangling.

He’s always all smiles when he wakes up in the morning, and sometimes I open my eyes to find him staring at my face. When he sees that I’m awake his face breaks into a huge grin, like I’m the best present he’s ever gotten. Of course, other times he’ll prompt my waking by pulling my hair or smacking me in the arm, but the grin’s still there, and every time it just turns me to goo.

No matter what else is going on, I love being his mom.

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2 thoughts on “stop and smell the babies”

  1. I think that “goo factor” is the only reason that we don’t drop off the little darlings at goodwill some days. After endless nights when she was going through the colicky stage, she would wake up in the morning and look at me with that wide eyed giggle and smile. I don’t know how we got a morning baby. I really don’t. I know I specified a night owl in my order form. But. If she’s absolutely got to wake up and get me out of bed at dawn every single day, at least she’s happy.

    Hugs, Cranky Mama. Just soak up all the cuddles you can. Tiffany’s wiggly too. I sneak in cuddles from time to time. Half a minute here and there goes a long way, and it’s much much cheaper than a running tab at the liquor store.


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