too hot

The heat wave continues. I’m wearing sweats today, since I was sufficiently mortified by the pictures of me taken over the weekend. Now that I am shaped like a turnip, wispy scraps of fabric are not my friend.

Poor Happy Fun Baby doesn’t know what to think about all this heat. It upsets him, so he wants to be held, but when he’s being held he’s too hot. There’s been a lot of crying in the last couple of days. Some of it even by the baby! (Ha! I kid. I’m sweating too much to spare any liquid for tears.)

I’d say something witty, but my brain is fried. It’s sweltering in here – too hot to sleep, even – and I’ve got a bunch of housework to do before it gets really, seriously hot at about 5pm. The heat wave is supposed to be ramping down, and temperatures should be back to normal by Friday. We’ll see if I last that long.

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One thought on “too hot”

  1. You poor dear! It has cooled down even midday here, but inland is hell. I bought a battery operated fan and mister for those critical moments.


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