best buy loses a customer

So we ordered a desk for the new office from Best Buy at the end of June. It’s an oversize item, so delivery was scheduled through the Best Buy home delivery service. We’ve dealt with them before (when we got the massive TV of doom in 2003) and I remembered the service as being prompt and easy to deal with.

A lot can change in three years, apparently.

First, we got a call two days before the confirmed delivery date (the 17th of July) from the warehouse. “It’s weird,” said the delivery guy, “but it’s just not here. We’ll call you in a couple of days to reschedule.”

Okay. Well…okay. So we waited a couple of days. No one called. I finally called the customer service line. “I’m just wondering where my desk is,” I said.

“I show that it’s scheduled for delivery for the 19th of August,” said the rep.

I think I may have managed something more articulate than “WHAT?!?” but I can’t guarantee it. “That’s – that’s ridiculous. I didn’t authorize that. No one’s even called me.”

“It looks like I can schedule you for the 25th of July, if that would work better.”

Since this month is sooner than a month from now I said yes, it would work better, and the delivery was rescheduled. I had my reservations, but the day before the delivery date we got a call saying the desk was in and would be delivered on schedule, between the hours of 9 and 11 am. Hooray!

So Happy Fun Baby and I woke up at the crack of dawn (i.e. the same time Not So gets up every morning) and headed over to the office, which was empty except for a desk chair and a printer. It was hot, and it was boring, but we persevered.

And persevered. And…11 o’clock came and went. Happy Fun Baby, who had had enough around 10, was practically inconsolable, and I was righteously annoyed. I called the warehouse directly (all hail Caller ID), where I was told that the driver wanted to speak with me.

“It’s the weirdest thing,” he said. “I show that it’s here on paper, but when we were loading the truck this morning we saw that it hadn’t come in.”

“Why didn’t anyone call me?” I asked.

“Well, you know, it was six o’clock in the morning when we were loading the truck…”

“I’ve been here since nine a.m. In an office with no air conditioning. And a cranky seven month old baby.”

“I’m sorry,” the driver said. “It’s not here.”

So we schlepped furiously home and I furiously called Best Buy customer service, where I was told the following:

1) No no, the desk is being delivered today. You just didn’t wait long enough.
(Um, the desk isn’t there. I could have waited all day; wouldn’t have made a difference.)

2) The order can’t be cancelled, since delivery has already been scheduled, and

3) So sorry, but Best Buy managers don’t speak to customers.


I shouted something to the effect of “THAT’S THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I’VE EVER HEARD! CANCEL MY ORDER RIGHT NOW!” and hung up. In the most mature, non-temper-tantrum-y way possible, of course.

And then, seething, I sent a bitchy e-mail to their corporate headquarters. And the Better Business Bureau. Because repeatedly failing to deliver goods paid for and scheduled? Really not a good business practice.

It’s too bad, because we’d done a lot of business in the past and undoubtedly would have continued to do business with them in the future had they at least treated us with the slightest bit of respect. They could have been up-front about the availability of the desk. They could have called us when they realized the desk wasn’t going to be there when promised. Refusing to let me speak to a manager (despite my repeated requests), though, was pretty much the last straw. Since when is that not considered a shady business practice?

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  1. This was my experience. This was a letter I wrote after I stopped payment on a check and they turned it into a collection agency. Also contacting customer service on their website what a joke.

    The check was stopped because I felt that I did not get all the services covered that I was told I would get. Also, after numerous attempts to try and solve this with the store, or so I thought, I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with the store. I spoke with a manager named Gary and several times he said he would call me back and didn’t. At first I declined the install of windows then the technician said if I accepted the offer of taking off the $70 for the diagnostic I paid I could get the all services of the advanced diagnostics and also get my system installed. That was during a phone conversation with the technician on 3/11/07. The computer was not cleaned and all the updates weren’t installed as they said they would be. A few of the updates didn’t install, my internet security picked those up and when I tried ie7 it failed for me too. A headache I paid them for. I get a message in the error log that my cd player has a bad sector and I am having trouble with CDS. I had to return to the store to get my system disk and they also gave me someone’s printer disk. They kept my computer 4 days after they installed the power supply for all this. The back of my computer was cut out to fit the power supply. I was never told my case would be physically altered. In deciding whether I would do it myself I specifically asked him if it was different from a regular install, other than it being 400 watts, he said they had to so some rewiring, never mentioned “cutting”. When I called to complain I spoke with a Margo. He said I could bring it back in and I reluctantly agreed, but only if they could do it while I waited, I had already paid $330 for it to be serviced and waited 13 days. He said they would do it when they could get to it. They already had it for 13 days I live quite a ways from Best Buy and I run my own business, it would be quite a burden to have to return again and leave it, then have to come back after it whenever they got to it. I wanted to speak to someone else he said to call the 888 number. I did and I spoke with an agent Pleasant, she told me to call the store back. I did and that is when I spoke with Gary. I told him I had no problem paying for the install of the power supply, but wasn’t happy about the damage to my computer case and that I had already paid for the diagnostic, I told him what happed with the other phone calls and that I felt I should get some type of compensation for the unfinished work and damage. He said he would call me back. He didn’t, I called him back, saying again I wanted pay for the power supply but I didn’t feel I should have to pay all of the $129 for the rest of the advanced diagnostics because of the unfinished work and damage. Again, he said he would call back and he didn’t. I had threatened at this point to stop the check and I told him I would until this was resolved. I called him again on the 21st because he said he would get back to me and didn’t, and I had the same conversation. He said he would talk to somebody and call me and that is the last time we spoke, then I get this letter. Again I have no problem paying for the power supply install, but I strongly feel I should be compensated, without further disruption to me, for work they didn’t finish and the physical damage to my computer. A little customer service would have also been appreciated. Right from the beginning they could have cared less if they did the work or not. I do have pictures of the unfinished work and damage and plan to vigorously pursue this with Best Buy.


  2. I forgot to add in the e-mail above. I was told that the new computer had plenty of memory. You won’t believe what they told me when I was in Best Buy yesterday (see above) …you’re computer is so slow because YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MEMORY….WHAT!! But they told me not to worry they would be glad to sell me some and CHARGE ME TO INSTALL IT.


  3. Please, if anyone can give me the number to Best Buy’s corporate offices e-mail me. I took my computer to Best Buy to get viruses taken off of it. They assured me they could do that and load it up with new protection for $299.00 (the computer is 7 years old and not worth much more than that), but I agreed because my son is in the middle of his senior research paper. The last thing I asked them before leaving the store, “Are you sure you can put Windows XP back on there?” “Of course we can,” they say. I get a call from them saying I would need to pay another $170.00 if I want Windows XP put back on. YOUR KIDDING, RIGHT? They were not. I can get a new computer for what your asking me to pay to fix this one. YES, they agree. Before I continue, understand that I live 45 minutes away, I have scleroderma (cause extreme pain), and I am on disibility. Last but not least, my son has a paper due the next day. I know, I know here it comes….. I bought a new computer from them. My only comment is temporary insanity brought on by Best Buy. I get a computer and printer that they are selling together. I am assured that thie one has enough memory, RAM, or whatever to do what my three boys need to do. I have had the printer and computer back down to the store twice in the 2 weeks that I’ve had it. THE LEXMARK PRINTER IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MICROSOFT VISTA THAT ON MY COMPUTER. They were sold as a package deal. THEY WANTED ME TO PAY THEM TO LOAD THE CORRECT SOFTWARE TO MAKE THE PRINTER WORK…..CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT…ME PAY THEM FOR THERE MISTAKE!!!! After getting the manager and arguing with him for 45 minutes, they fix it for free. IT TAKES THEM 5 1/2 HOURS BECAUSE THEY JUST CAN’T GET IT TO WORK. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! I get home and hook up the printer. IT DOES NOT WORK!! The moral of this story STAY AWAY FROM BEST BUY. Don’t even buy a bottle of water from them, because I swear something will be wrong with it.

    During my 5 hour visit half of the people coming through the door were complaining and trying to return stuff.


  4. Ugh – thanks for the heads up on Best Buy. I’ve had my share of big box retailer nightmares, but haven’t done business with Best Buy before. Rest assured that I won’t in the future. It astonishes me that companies stay in business, and people don’t get fired, when they handle (mishandle?) customer service this way.
    Keep us posted …


  5. It was the same deal with my grandmother, more or less. She bought a TV there to replace her old one, and the TV ate shit in just over a month–read that as “just a tad longer than the period in which Best Buy will let you return it.” The “best” they could do was take it for repairs, which were promised to take less than 10 days. More than a month later, she still waits for it.

    My mother, persistent as she is, is dealing with Best Buy for my grandmother. She did get to speak to a manager (I believe she could get the owner’s home phone number if she tried…and I grew up with her). The manger basically told her to piss off because it was coporate policy. Now the phone calls are in to corporate and we’ll see what happens.

    Long story short, Best Buy is losing as many customers as we can manage.


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