Baby is crying. I “wasted” his naptime doing dishes and scrubbing the stove (which still isn’t completely clean, but it’s better), so now I’m trying to make lunch while he wails. Also, my shoulder hurts. Does anyone have any clever home remedies for a pulled muscle/pinched nerve? Yes, heat, I know, but I’m out of heat packs and it huuuuuuurts.

In other news, we’re meeting with an agent today to get business insurance. I’ve never done anything remotely like this before. I feel so grown-up. The whole “starting a business” thing is kind of foreign to me…I’ve always been a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of girl, and all of this official stuff is somewhat daunting. I am using a lot of modifiers. Does that mean I’m nervous?

We got the design site up, finally, so at least people have a place to see our portfolio while we’re getting the main couldbe studios site up and running. And there’s a desk in the office. Yay!

In other, other news, my grilled cheese is burning. So much for that grown-up thing, huh?

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3 thoughts on “crescendo”

  1. Sounds about like my day! We picked up the Boy at 0815 and brought him home, had breakfast together, and now he’s taking his nap. I thought it would be the nice thing, seeing as he’s been up all night with the balls-to-four watch. And I’ve only been up since 4.

    But I’m losing my patience with the toddler, and am running out of things to do with her. We’re almost to the point of letting her smash her mashed potatoes into my hair. Just to mix things up a bit.

    I’ll come over and change your cat litter if you come over and entertain Tiff.


  2. Holy Muthafrimpin’ Crap.

    I am SO sorry about the stove.

    I completely forgot about it.

    I am the suck.

    Please forgive me?




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