ma.gnolia, yo

My Parenting Group was tagged as a hot group for September on Ma.gnolia! ::dances:: Because, you know, I am just that cool.

What was that? You don’t use Ma.gnolia? Well, here’s your chance. (And no, I don’t get kickbacks for this – I just proselytize because I’m that kind of girl.)

View Parenting v2.0 on Ma.gnolia

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3 thoughts on “ma.gnolia, yo”

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing the link. I use, but this does seem more community-oriented and user-friendly. Love the groups. I signed up and signed up for parenting v2.0. (Not a parent yet, but am hopeful that I will be one before too long.)


  2. We love it when people can use Ma.gnolia to make a difference in their offline lives, so Parenting 2.0 is a great group to have in the newsletter! Thanks from all of us for creating and curating Parenting 2.0.


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