you take the good, you take the bad…

Last night was a non-sleeping extravaganza. A festival of insomnia. A treasure-trove of wakefulness. Happy Fun Baby apparently has a stuffy nose. I say apparently  because he doesn’t actually seem to have a stuffy nose, but since the only way he would sleep last night was propped up to a practically seated position, I’m forced to assume. The kid’s a restless sleeper, so the relief of being comfortable only lasted as long as it took him to drift off and roll over, at which point the cycle began again. Fun for me! Also fun for Not So, since the baby, apparently declaring me a lost cause, flung himself at Not So and demanded comfort in the middle of the night. Is it wrong that I found this amusing?

I did pass out for long enough to have a strange, vivid dream that there was a war and Not So was a soldier, and he was trying to explain that he’d called for someone to come and extricate me and the baby from the battle (which was going on right outside our house). I was trying to explain to him that I wasn’t leaving and that if we went down, we were going down together. Metaphor, or too much Battlestar Galactica? You be the judge.

Either way, when morning rolled around, the kid had had enough of the bed and decided that we needed to greet the day head-on. Happy Fun Baby got to wave goodbye to daddy (first time – the kid’s usually sawing logs at 7:30am) and then settled in on the couch, where he promptly fell fast asleep. Hrmph.

I tried napping with him, but the futon? Not cosy under the best of circumstances, and even less so when it’s being taken over by a sleeping toddler. I amused myself by checking my e-mail and RSS feeds in relative peace, which was somewhat satisfying despite that fact that I could barely keep my eyes open.

A little after 9am FedEx came with my jogging stroller. Happy Fun Baby woke up while I was putting it together and promptly decided it was a present for him, which in a way it is so hey, kid, go nuts. Check him out:

We’re going for a walk in a bit. Just as soon as mama gets her nap…

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4 thoughts on “you take the good, you take the bad…”

  1. niblets: I’d love to go for a jog/walk! Although it may have to wait until the weather is a bit less drippy…

    fireflower: Yay, sleeping in! Teething isn’t fun for anyone. Here’s hoping Her Ladyship gets through it quickly!

    elizasmom: Heee. You aren’t kidding.


  2. Happy Fun Baby’s alternate identities:
    High Maintenance Sleep Habits Baby
    Painfully Cute Sleeping Baby

    Hope the sleeping has gone better the last few days.


  3. oooh. Sounds like the day I had, only I actually got a nap today (yay). The Boy played with Her Ladyship while I napped, and tomorrow I get to sleep in. Joyous Joyful Sleeping. Her Ladyship woke up all snuffly, her butt in the air and full of noxious fumes, one fist in her mouth trying to ease the pain of her new teeth. Motherhood- who knew it was this much fun?

    Neat stroller. Hope you get a bunch of use from it in addition to the cute pics!


  4. Ugh…sorry about the lack of sleep! Sounds like the futon has some magical powers though. Any chance you could set that up for HFB to sleep there at night? It could be a good transitional place for getting him to sleep in his own bed.

    And that is one hot jogging stroller! I’d love to join you on a stroll again sometime soon. I, for one, have never used my jogging stroller to actually jog. At this point I’m not sure if I could make it down one block!


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