the quick and the bis

Happy Fun Baby is hanging out on the futon watching Noggin. We collectively enjoy everything before Franklin and Little Bear, but The Upside Down Show is the highlight of my afternoon. Hot Australian brothers spazzing out on camera? It’s like Mom Candy.

The Upside Down Show

Hey, did you know that you’re supposed to refrigerate Bisquick? There’s a note on the top of the box that says “To maintain freshness, refrigerate after opening.” Does anyone do that? I admit I can be somewhat storage-inept, but I thought dry goods didn’t need to be refrigerated. Weird.

The baby slept almost reasonably last night, which you probably wouldn’t guess given the all-over-the-place-ness of this post, but whatever. I was up late last night reading The No-Cry Sleep Solution (OH THE IRONY). My mama friends, hearing about my nighttime woes, showered me with sleep books when we got together on Tuesday. The baby responded by spontaneously napping when we got home. Did I mention he inherited smart-assedness from both sides of the family?

Speaking of moms, I found a couple of online mom resources I’m going to check out: and Of the two, MothersClick has the prettier interface, but ModernMom wins for most entertaining illustration. I don’t know that I need another mama community (’s mama section is pretty fab) but I do kind of like the idea of a mama-specific resource.

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5 thoughts on “the quick and the bis”

  1. My sister (who has a very bitter sense of humor) took a photo of her baby wide-eyed and awake at 3:00 am next to my baby sleep book. (I’m a parenting author.) She even took a picture of the alarm clock. 🙂

    Found your blog by accident and am loving it. Love those happy technorati “accidents.” 🙂


  2. Andra, thanks! I signed up a couple of days ago and I’m liking it so far.

    Cat, no kidding. Although Bisquick just tastes like…Bisquick. I’ve never noticed it tasting less Bisquicky with the passage of time.


  3. Thanks for the mention of our new site, MothersClick!

    We are very excited to establish an exclusive place for moms to group together, sharing our knowledge and contributing to create the greatest online resource of collective mommy wisdom.

    I invite you to join our community.



  4. Love the pic with the sleeping books! That’s perfect. And, I had no idea you were supposed to refrigerate Bisquick. I never do and we never did as a kid. (Yeah, ok, biscuits from scratch are something I only got at grandma’s house.) It never went ‘bad,’ I have no idea if refrigerating it would substantially improve the taste, though.


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