president of myopia

Pregnancy brought me many things, including a baby, which is pretty damn cool if you think about it. Somewhat less than cool are the post-pregnancy side effects: feet too big for my shoes, stretch marks, saggy boobs, extra pounds. Obviously the having of the baby outweighs the suckage of the side effects, but still, they do not thrill me.

Until today: I discovered that my eyesight has actually gotten better! This hasn’t happened, well, ever. I got my first pair of glasses at 12, and my vision’s gotten significantly worse every year since. Last exam (two years ago – I had to skip last year’s exam) I was up to -9 in one eye and -8.5 in the other. Coke bottles! Or they would have been, if anyone used glass for lenses anymore, but who does? Also: contacts.

It’s not like I’ll be going without corrective lenses anytime soon, but it’s nice to know I won’t be completely blind before the kid’s in kindergarten.

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3 thoughts on “president of myopia”

  1. Karo – wow, we could practically share eyeglasses! That’s crazy. I can’t wait to see your new glasses. The last ones were so cute!

    Fireflower – I really hope my vision evens out! How cool would that be? My mom’s prescription keeps getting lower and lower, so I have my fingers crossed. I’ve only got a mild astigmatism, so I feel for you.

    The frames that work best for me are small and oval-shaped, with maybe a slight cat’s eye. Since the edge is so thick on my lenses, bigger frames don’t work for me. I know that your astigmatism makes one side thinner than the rest, but I’d recommend trying out some smaller frames. It’s worth a try, right?


  2. Depending on several factors, including the eclipse of mars, as you get older your farsightedness may cancel out your nearsightedness. It happened to my uncle when he turned forty. All of a sudden, 20/20 vision. Wouldn’t that be a riot? Whereas I’ve got the family eye prescription- five of us can exchange our glasses at will.

    Although it is kinda funny when the Boy picks up my glasses and starts to put them on in the morning. He’s just barely myopic. *I’ve* got a double stigmatism and the coke bottles. Speaking of which, have you ever found a style of glasses that hold your lenses in?

    I ask this as someone who has her right lens repeatedly pop out for no reason at all. Until one day in the grip of post partum frustration. I superglued them in. Including, um, a really neat partial fingerprint on the lower edge.


  3. How funny! I just got my vision checked today because the baby/dog combo has effectively destroyed my current glasses. Sadly, my vision has not gotten better; in fact, it’s a wee bit worse — -8.75 in both eyes. So I feel your pain. One of these days, LASIK!


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