It’s been two days and already I’ve changed the look of my Cranky Pals site. This is because I am fickle, which rhymes with tickle, which rhymes with pickle. I’ve been calling my kid Ellison Pickle lately, just for that reason. Er.

The Cranky Pals site is much prettier now, and has the added bonus of its own URL ( So official! So pretty! I am feeling the love for Shopify, and Shopify? It is feeling the love for me. Aaaaw yeeeeah.

People have been responding to my posts and I have been woefully remiss in my replies. It is not because I don’t love you. (See? More love!) I’ve just been a bit distracted. The kid? He is distracting. Well, currently he is napping, but usually he’s distracting. Distracting, but incredibly cute and fun and fascinating. He makes the most entertaining noises. I can’t wait until he starts talking, but I’m so going to miss his little Ellison-babbles.

In association with Zazzle.comI’ve been all Zazzle-crazy the last few days. There are some fun new products in my gallery, and I’m working on figuring out how to bend the API to my will. This is difficult, since I don’t actually know how to use API stuff. That’s never stopped me before, though. Remind me sometime to tell you the story of how I convinced an employer I could create advanced spreadsheets back in 1997 when I’d never used Excel. Good fun.

Someday I’m going to sleep through the whole night. I mean it. And then, like Nately’s whore, I will wake up full of love and optimism. And perhaps chasing Yossarian with a knife. You will see.

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