one shoe

My kid has a thing about taking his shoe off. Only one. He can often be found toddling around with one bare foot, gleefully clutching his shoe or sock and waving it around like a trophy. I have shown the shoe who is boss, he says. Other shoe: you’re on notice.

Today was going to be a supercool playdate at a place called Sydney’s, where, in addition to playing with other babies, we were going to get advice from a pro photographer who specializes in baby photos. Sounds fun, you say. Doesn’t it? We were all full of optimism and anticipation on Saturday, when it was all shiny and beautiful outside. Yesterday saw a marked decrease in optimism, especially after our coming-home-from-Target-in-a-rainstorm extravaganza. Sleeping babies, as it turns out, really do not like to be woken up by a face full of wind and rain. In fact, they are liable to scream all through the bus ride, and then continue screaming, at a slightly more hysterical register, on the dash from the bus stop to the house. It’s only a few blocks, but babies? No sense of perspective.

The forecast for today called for more rain, more wind, and more screaming, so we elected to stay home. Of course, when I woke up this morning, was it raining? It was not. It’s sort of sprinkling now, in a half-hearted way. Sure, the rain says. You couldn’t possibly go out in a light drizzle. It’s not like you live in the Pacific Northwest or anything. Loser. And I say screw you, rain, you’re just trying to make me feel bad and it’s not going to work. It’s not! Shut up.

So, home we are. I’ve got some toymaking projects to do (gifts for the niece and nephew, whom we will be visiting next week) but I think I need pins before I can do anything with fleece, since it is somewhat more slithery than felt. Pins. Who’d have thunk? Next you’ll be suggesting I work from a pattern or something. ::scoff::

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