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I spent last night in a frenzy of December-related holiday decorating. Not my home; my websites. Yes, I am that big of a geek. Why do you ask?

Cranky Mama’s banner-related holiday treatment just involves a cunningly-placed Santa Hat and a somewhat ironic glass bulb, but our family site at got a whole mod Christmas redo. I even had thoughts of replacing the images on the sidebar with, like, a string of lights or something, but thus far I have been able to resist. It won’t last, I can tell you that. The best you can hope for is that I’ll get really busy and forget about it until after Christmas. That’s what always happens with our holiday cards.

Actually, I’m so smitten with the design on the neumanbeck header that I kind of want to modify it to go on some holiday cards, which is a terrible idea since I have an entire drawer full of blank holiday cards that I have yet to send out. I collect them, sort of. When the super-cute designer cards go on sale after the holidays, I buy them by the armful, thinking smugly that I am now ahead of the curve and have nothing to worry about for next year. And I don’t. I don’t worry about it in the least. Know what else I don’t do? Send them out! So, really, the last thing I need is to design my own cards.

As far as the house goes, I pretty much figure we’ll put a Santa hat on one of the cats and let that be our big foray into decoration. Not So is set on getting a real tree this year so more power to him. I’ll be on the couch, drinking some hot cocoa and telling him it’s crooked. Season’s greetings to you, too.

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