so much to do, so little motivation

Woke up this morning to several realizations. 1. My cold has not, as it turns out, been completely vanquished by my Mighty Immune System of Doom. Instead it has merely applied for a transfer and taken up residence in my lungs. As an entertaining aside, the baby is freaked out every time I cough, so last night went like this:

Me: (finally rolling into comfortable position) *koff, koff*
Baby: (half-waking, burrowing frantically into my side)
Me: It’s okay, I’ve got you. (rolling into flat-on-my-back position most favored by small child)
Baby: (sleep)
Me: (wheeze)

So last night did not result in a tremendous amount of sleep. What else is new, right? Except that today I have lots to do, which brings me to 2. It’s raining. Right, because I live in Portland, and rain is a thing which occurs during the winter months. I wouldn’t be too worried about it, but I need to get over to the post office. Admittedly, the post office is only like two blocks away, but since I’m still feeling all poor-me sick, I don’t relish the idea of bundling myself and the wee one and wandering out in the rain. It’s supposed to rain all week, so I can’t just postpone my errands (which, believe me, I would totally do). Plus, I really want to get these things in the mail! So I think sucking it up is a thing I should do.

Then, of course, there is 3. Our house is a complete fucking disaster, and I need to get it top-to-bottom sparkling by Friday. Why Friday, you ask? Because Auntie Pep and Uncle…dude, I so need to think of more aliases, because right now I’m going with Less Peppy, and that’s a nickname no one should have to bear, am I right?…are coming for the weekend. Their house in Santa Cruz is several things, but “a complete fucking disaster” is none of them. (For an example, see: my workspace, at left. Multiply by 1000 square feet.) Also? I am ever so slightly, very subtly, almost imperceptibly competitive. If her house is immaculate, my house had better be at least as immaculate. I will never achieve the Zen minimalism of her more-space-than-stuff home, but I can at least clean the grime off the floors and make sure the carpets are dust-free. (I am focusing on the floors because, if I get to the point where they’re visible, I will have won.)

So, yes. Stuff! To do! I have! And the day is not getting longer, so off I go. Koff.

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