silent night, guest-less night

Auntie Pep and Uncle Speedracer (see? I told you I’d think of a good name for him) left yesterday, after a quickie weekend visit in which we traipsed around in the cold and had ourselves a lovely time. Happy Fun Baby was sung to, danced with, played with and carried around so much he barely had a chance to be cranky. (Cleverly he saved all his cranky for bedtime, when there were fewer distractions. Since he sleeps with us, there has been a lot of tired in our world.)

I like my sister a lot, but she has a lot of energy. A lot of energy. Energy which I, as a person who has spent the last three nights “sleeping” next to a baby who wants to nurse every thirty minutes, do not possess. Well…to be totally fair, my energy even on a good day doesn’t even come close to my sister’s boundless reserves, but let’s just let that one go. As I may have mentioned, though, I am somewhat stubborn, so we spent the weekend flitting, butterfly-like, from place to place while I propped my eyelids open with toothpicks and chatted with hallucinatory penguins. Maybe they weren’t penguins. It’s hard to say, what with all the dancing.

Also like a butterfly: my intolerance for cold weather. This might have something to do with the fact that I don’t have a winter coat anymore (…why do I feel like a cat, suddenly?) and was braving the cold in my Old Navy windbreaker. Which is lined with polarfleece, but still. We went out on Saturday night to see the lights on Peacock Lane, and I had to concede that wishing fiercely for a mug of life-giving hot chocolate will not cause it to appear. All of you ‘visualize world peace’ people might want to take that under consideration.

But! My lovely husband, who (inexplicably) doesn’t like to see me shivering and miserable every time I leave the house, bought me not only a warm, lightweight winter coat (in which I look nothing like the Michelin Man) but also a warm, down-filled vest. Together they activate their Wonder-Twin Powers and become Super!Coat, defending mamas against winter and spreading justice through the universe. How happy am I? Also, my husband rocks.

Now that our houseguests are gone, it seems eerily quiet in the Cranky abode. Even the cartoons seem more subdued. Happy Fun Baby is playing on the floor, the heater’s humming pleansantly…it’s almost enough to make a girl think she could get a nap today. Almost.

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