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I just put seven (yes, seven) crafting books on hold at the library. I love the fact that I can shop for library books from the relative comfort of my own home and then meander over to the library to pick them up at my leisure. It’s so civilized. Whenever I look for a book at the actual library I get so distracted by the elegance of the dewey decimal system that I end up with a huge stack of books which have nothing to do with the one I came in to find. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, except that my reading time is woefully limited these days, so I really have to stay on task.

lindy frogface dragon guy

Speaking of staying on task, I did manage to finish all my toycrafts in time for the Christmas cut-off at the post office. Yay me, singlehandedly saving Christmas, etc. My favorite is the PVC girl doll. PVC! Who doesn’t love it? (Although sewing PVC? Pain in my ass. Er, hand, actually, since I managed to slice right through the tip of my left index finger while trying to “hurry.” Remind me not to do that anymore, because ow.)

I also re-did (again!) the Cranky Pals site, and I have big plans for the content, which will be much, much more exciting than it is currently.

In (related) news, Not So got me a sewing machine for Christmas! I got to open it early because I was a very, very good girl this year. It’s beautiful and baffling and all mine. I would post pictures, but I haven’t taken any yet, mostly because it is currently sitting, half-assembled, on my kitchen table while I figure out how to thread a bobbin. You wouldn’t think that would be so hard, but you probably also wouldn’t think the last time I used a sewing machine was roughly 1986. I remember it being very, very hard, but since I was twelve at the time I assume this time will probably be easier. At least my hands are bigger, right?

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