fun with toddlers

This morning we woke up late, had some breakfast, and then got all bundled up and walked over to the library. Happy Fun Baby walked the whole way, holding my hand. He really liked walking on the grass at the edge of the sidewalk (which apparently feels neat to stomp on) and walking across grates. Yay, grates! He’d stand there and look down at the leaves a few feet under him and stomp, and I kept thinking how I always walk fast across grates because, hello, they could collapse. The baby, he does not seem to have inherited my fear of spontaneously collapsing metalwork. Again, yay!

We picked up my sewing books (which means this weekend, if I am very, very lucky, I may be able to figure out how to thread the bobbin on my new machine) and headed back out. Happy Fun Baby spent a long time checking out a mural on the side of the Weir Cyclery building (which had the added bonus of being above a grate to stand on) and would only leave it after I suggested we go home and see the kitties. Then he insisted (with that whole-body lean babies do so well) that we go into the bike shop, where he led me around pretty decisively for someone so short. And oh, the bike shop: unexpected holy grail for babies. So. Many Wheels. Have I mentioned my kid’s obsession with wheels? The bike shop guy came over and showed him a bike horn, making it honk and winning a HUGE smile from Happy Fun Baby.

After a thorough inspection of all the bikes (including my coveted orange cruiser, which sits in the window all me-less) we walked the rest of the way home, stopping at every tree to touch the leaves. We were met at the corner by one of our cats (the one who’s allowed to go outside) and Ellison toddled delightedly after him all the way to the front door.

Dude, if I could bottle this afternoon? I’d totally do it.

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