hi. hi. hello. hi.

Delurking week. Delurk, damn you! I know you are there. Lurking.

I would just like to point out that I am a comment whore, and feel somehow validated by people commenting on my site, even if they are just saying “Like what you have to say. Your blog makes good since to me….” and linking to a spam site. Which, as an aside: I *heart* Akismet. Did you know that Akismet has caught 1,162 spam for me since I first installed it? And to date only one of them has been a legitimate comment. I think.

So, yes. Delurk. It’s the right thing to do.

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5 thoughts on “hi. hi. hello. hi.”

  1. I’ll admit it: I cheated on Askimet for awhile and flirted with Spam Karma. At first it seemed all new and exciting, but next thing you know legit comments are being blocked for inane reasons, and I’m getting emails about it.

    I ran crying back to Askimet and, being the forgiving and patient technology it is, am once again back in it’s spam crushing care.


  2. nonlineargirl, I’m not sure if Akismet works for non-WordPress blogs (the guy who created it is also the creator of WP) but if it does work for you, I wholeheartedly recommend it!


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