art + me = BFF

What’s in store for today? I’m heading over to the office to do some paintings for my sister. I promised them to her, what, eight months ago? The latest iteration had me giving them to her for Christmas, which is still possible if she had been, say, comatose for the past month. But still, better late than never, right?

Speaking of late, I’d planned on being at the office by now, but decided, inexplicably, to run my disk backups before I leave. This means that I have at least 20 more minutes of watching the little status bar on my backup program increase incrementally while my kid runs around being incredibly cute and making me not want to leave at all. He is seriously cute, though. You wouldn’t want to leave either.

It’s surprisingly hard to switch gears and go from Mama to Artist Person. Web design I can manage, but web design is less…I don’t know, visceral than painting. It requires less of me. Before Happy Fun Baby was born, I loved to be able to shut myself in a room and paint or write or draw. Now it feels like doing that is denying my kid somehow. Because god  forbid he have a mother who does something just because she loves doing it. ::face:: Besides, the web design – and even the toymaking – I can justify by pointing out that it will, theoretically, generate some sort of monetary compensation. The art is just for me. Well – in this case, it’s for Auntie Pep and Uncle Speedracer, but still.

On the Cranky Pals front, guess whose toys are being carried at LilyToad? If you said “Cranky Mama,” give yourself a shiny nickel! No, really – you deserve it. Seriously, I’m ridiculously excited about having my toys in an actual store, not to mention being able to feel like I’m contributing to LilyToad’s success, since I love that place unreasonably and would hate to see it go out of business. Dude, who went and got all serious here? I’m still doing the happy dance because someone likes my toys.

My backup is, like, 65% done. Woo hoo! I’m going to go have a sandwich.

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