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cat and babyI’m almost 14 months post-partum, and I finally feel like I belong in my skin.

I was taking a bath the other night and noticed the way my belly fat jiggled. That wasn’t unusual, because, dude – the belly, it jiggles, much like a bowl full of jelly, were you to fill a bowl with jelly and then try and fit it into a pair of jeans. But instead of instantly flashing back to my pregnancy or thinking that’s what happens when you give birth, I just thought that’s my belly.

Yeah, some epiphany, right? But it really was, and here’s why: my body is mine again. It might be flabby and lumpy and unattractively coiffed, but sometime in the last couple of weeks I stopped feeling like a vehicle for the continued sustenance of my kid and started feeling like a person who is also a mom. I mean, yes, I’m still nursing, so it’s not like I can exist separately from the kid for more than a couple of hours at a time, but now that he’s snarfing down every solid he can find the nursing seems a bit more secondary…and the mom thing, oddly, seems more deliberate. My body isn’t what makes me a mom; being a mom is.

I still don’t fit into most of my pre-preg clothes, but at least now I feel like doing something to get into shape is less like auto maintenance and more like – well, exercising. That’s something, right? Especially since I don’t even own a car.

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5 thoughts on “reflections on reflections”

  1. I love the imagery of a bowl of jelly squished into a pair of jeans! Since I’m all of 4 months post-partum, I guess I’d rather laugh than cry about it… 🙂


  2. What a great revelation and a great feeling! And, how nice to be at peace with who you are. I agree, “My body isn’t what makes me a mom; being a mom is.” deserves it’s own t-shirt.


  3. That is so lovely and inspiring. I think this is t-shirt-worthy (except you’d have to use small print because there is a lot of text). I’m so glad you posted this.


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