things that annoy me today

  1. Blog Post button has inexplicably disappeared from Flock topbar. WTF? Was there yesterday. Have not changed anything in the interim. Yet: gone. Bah.
  2. Cranky Pals newsletter did not go out yesterday as scheduled. Why? Re-checked schedule, cannot figure it out. BAH.
  3. May have unwittingly missed window of opportunity for the March Crafty Mamas Bazaar, in which case non-delivery of newsletter = good thing, except, bah.
  4. House is disastrous, to the point that I am unable even to find a starting point in the cleaning process. Too! Much! Mess!
  5. I have no clean underpants. (See above.) This leads to the burning question: where are all my underpants? Because, see, I should have more than the three pairs I can find, and thusly should be able to go more than three days without going into a laundry-related panic. But they’re gone. Gone. My house eats underpants, apparently.
  6. The child is not entertained by either of the two children’s movies we Netflixed, which means he is entertaining himself by methodically disassembling DVD cases. Not just opening them; actually taking them apart. Did you know that DVD cases could be taken apart? Yeah, me neither.
  7. I’m all jangled from my cereal and coffee, and I do not know why since it’s Kashi fer crying out loud, not Cocoa Puffs, and I suspect it is PMS-related, which means this is ANOTHER WHOLE MONTH I HAVEN’T HAD SEX, since at this time last month I was thinking the same thing (Impending menstruation! Have not had sex!). Again: BAH.
  8. Oh and just in case you were wondering: no, he is not sleeping through the night, and no, he does not nap at times convenient to conjugal relations. If Not So could scurry home for an hour at 3pm we’d be good to go, but otherwise: not so much.
  9. Related: I think it has been roughly two months since I have slept for more than two hours at a stretch. Entertainingly, now that I am Chronically Sleep Deprived (again) I actually keep myself awake during the precious few hours the baby’s crashed out, anxiously going over any and everything that might possibly go wrong anytime ever.
  10. I am tired and lazy, and also v. fat.
  11. And don’t even get me started on my hair.
  12. And the glasses? The baby has spent the last several months yanking them forcibly off my face, so the frames are somewhat less than comfortable. Currently the only thing holding them up is the bridge of my nose. Can I afford new glasses? I cannot. Curse you, extreme myopia! Curse your need for $350 high-index lenses that are never ever ever on sale! CURSE YOU!
  13. Despite Not So’s assurances to the contrary, my iPod does not want to play with the iTunes on the new Mac Mini. It will sync the purchased music, but not anything I burned. WTF? Doesn’t it seem like it should be the opposite?
  14. This list is way, way too long for it only to be noon.

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