not getting any earlier

By all rights, I should be asleep. The baby is asleep. He curled up at a perfectly reasonable and non-insomniac 9:30pm and is now snoozing peacefully at my side. He’s very cute, my kid. I like him immensely.

The insomnia thing, though, I could do without. I am tired. I am in bed. The cats have been fed, the dishes done, the important e-mails returned and the appropriate files uploaded. Yet do I sleep? I do not. I HAVE THINGS TO DO, PEOPLE. THINGS. THERE WILL BE TIME TO SLEEP WHEN I AM DEAD.

Maybe I’ll go downstairs and have a Calm pill.

In other news, I think I have PMS.

2 thoughts on “not getting any earlier”

  1. Naps? What are these naps you speak of? (Happy Fun Baby’s nap schedule has been woefully inadequate the last few weeks…) But yeah, it seems like every time he changes his sleep schedule, even when it’s instigated by, say, us, I end up sleep-deprived. At least we’ve got a teething reprieve before his two-year molars, though!


  2. I’ve been there. I know what you mean by “The insomnia I could do without”. Trust me, it does get better. But in exchange for a full night sleep you lose your 3-4 mid-day naps ;). Parenting is a barrel full of monkeys.


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