jogging my memory

I just “ran” a half a mile. I use the word “ran” loosely, since my actual activity resembled nothing so much as a half-block at a time of desperate lumbering followed by a half-block of staggering and wheezing, repeated eight times, all while pushing a jogging stroller containing one very happy toddler. (The baby loves the jogging stroller. He sits in it like a king on a throne, chirping contentedly and waving his arms around while poor mama tries to jog.) I’d blame the wheezing on the fact that I am so very out of shape except for the fact that I am now coughing up some exciting substances that seem to originate in my lung-area. It’s possible that I am a wee bit under the weather. I admit nothing.

my first workout

(You’ve got to love the fact that my workout abruptly drops off at the end, as though I gave up and simply crawled the rest of the way from the sidewalk to the door. Which isn’t so far from the truth.)

The point is, I have actually taken a jog with the Nike+iPod thinger, and it is, in fact, all that. You turn it on and a friendly voice tells you that you’d better start running, fool, because your workout has begun. And off I went, all fit and healthy-like, wishing I had procured a clever armband-type device so that I didn’t have to tuck my Nano into my bra. The Nano, it does not like to hang out in the bra. It was valiantly tolerant, though. Love the lovely Nano.

Back to the Nike+ thinger. It wants to know what my “Power Song” is. My Power Song! I haven’t thought about that since the days of Ally McBeal! (First season, shut up. It was good.) I do not know what my Power Song is, but I am now desperate to find out.

To that end I’m copying my iTunes from my office computer to the home computer using Senuti. I’ve got to say, Senuti kicks ass. I no longer feel like I’m being treated like a criminal for wanting to copy my own music from one iTunes library to another. Awesome. Plus, Power Song! I feel certain there is a Power Song to be had here somewhere.

In the meantime, I’m going to seek out an expectorant. Cheers.

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4 thoughts on “jogging my memory”

  1. Mathew, there is no shame in not jogging. I am often not jogging, and I seldom feel ashamed of it. That might be part of my problem…

    Leonard, hee. I don’t think I could do “Thunderstruck” as I always want to offer AC/DC’s lead singer a lozenge. Seriously, a little Ricola never hurt anyone. The oxygen, however, is a lovely idea. Possibly I will find a way to jog WITH the oxygen hooked up; the best of all worlds! Also people would give me a wide berth, which is a good thing because the jogging stroller doesn’t corner well.


  2. May I recommend AC/DC “Thunderstruck” as your Power Song.

    For exercise recovery, I’ve found a bottle of oxygen really helps when placed just inside the door. That way, as you crawl across the threshold you can reach for the mask, hold it to your face and regain some of your mental faculties – always better than losing consciousness.

    I was happy to run across your post thanks to the Open Switch trackback.


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