she’s baaaack

Where to begin. Should we be linear, and start where we left off? Where did we leave off? Let’s see…ah, yes, the customer service debacle, i.e. “ten reasons to send hate mail to JourneyEd” (subtitled “I *heart* Adobe and want to have its fat little babies”). Shall I end your suspense? Lightroom came. You’re welcome.

I’m just going to skip over the last couple of weeks, since nothing exciting…oh, well, if you consider finding out we need to move to be exciting, then I guess maybe there’s something in there. Our landlord, who was all rah-rah go long-term when we moved in last year, apparently had a change of heart. We went to renew our lease, and he was all “Great! You’re great tenants! Say, how’s about we go month-to-month, wanna?” We were all “Whaaaa?” and he was like “Well, I have no concrete plans to sell, but…”

This turned out well (spoiler!) since we found the most ass-kickingest apartment anywhere, ever and (more spoilers!) got approved. Signed the lease today. Wanna know where we will be living? RIGHT IN THE FREAKING MIDDLE OF DOWNTOWN. Seriously. We will be right between our two offices, and those offices? Not too far apart as it is.

Graphical representation:

That wee blue line? The distance between our new home (at the “far” left: hello, new home!) and my office. I can practically throw spitballs at myself. This will undoubtedly be put to the test at some point.

So, yeah. Sorry for the lack of updates, readership. I will make it up to you in spitballs.

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