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I thought that life without an in-home washer and dryer would be the pits, and I was wrong, mostly. The building we live in has about 20 units, and there is a laundry room on the 4th floor with two washers and two dryers. I’m home on weekdays, and when I go up to do the laundry the room is almost always empty. It’s sort of a pain to have to schlepp up two flights of stairs after a half hour to transfer it to the dryer (and again in an hour to retrieve) but the two machines do save a bit of time in the long run. I miss our lovely front-loader, but this isn’t so bad, really.

We’re slowly settling in to the new place. Every box we unpack makes the muscles in my neck unclench just a bit. We still don’t have internet at home, so my stints at the office have begun to feel increasingly frenetic. I have so much I need to get done, but Happy Fun Baby only tolerates the office for so long. Not So insists that he can be reasonably productive at the office with the baby, but when he took the kid on Monday so that I could have some desperately needed non-baby time, only an hour and a half passed before he called me saying the baby was bored and did I mind coming back soon? No hurry, of course, it’s just that he couldn’t get much work done with Happy Fun Baby all crankified and craving distraction. Which – yes. I SO GET THAT. (Note: Monday = holiday, yet where were we? Working! Don’t you wish you could start your own business too?)

Living downtown, though? Freaking awesome.

Wednesday I took the kid and headed out to Jamison Park so we could splash around in the fountain. Portland’s having a heat wave, so the fountain was absolutely swarming with people. Ellison took off running the minute we got there, splashing delightedly while I let the water run over my feet and tried to keep an eye on him. Afterward we headed home, where I managed to get a spoonful of peanut butter and half a glass of milk into his tummy before he crashed out on the couch for a nap.

This is the kind of life I want, I think. Just with a little more connectivity.

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4 thoughts on “settling in”

  1. Sarah, remember when I had to buy the gate to lock Tiff out of the kitchen? When she climbed into the oven? As much as I want to encourage her to cook with me, I’ve got to keep telling myself that now is not the time for this.

    *sigh* and now I’m spawning another little monkey to climb into the oven, the dishwasher, and pull all the knobs off the stove? It will get better. My mom used to bake cookies with me and my cousin, and the kitchen would be filled with dirty dishes and flour. Good times.


  2. I oh so stupidly thought I would have more time to get things done as Jack got older. Really, I have less with every passing day. I can’t even really cook anymore because he wants to be, ahem, helpful. LOL (Yesterday’s dinnertime help included breaking the fridge!)


  3. I tend to agree with Not So, but probably for quite different reasons.

    Yes, you are so faboo, and I heart you lots. Especially now that my hormonal hormones are looking at each other, dusting off their party hats, and filling the invites with lots of crazy graphics.

    And isn’t it so amazing how the men in our lives have these sudden insights into how underfoot a child can be when they get bored? I am *so* stoked for my first Day Out after the Borgmonkey 2.0 arrives.


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