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Yeah, so I’ve finally transferred all my POP mail over to Gmail. I wanted to love the BlackBerry Push service, I really did, and I would have if it didn’t SUCK SO MUCH. Seriously, when I can’t find messages from my clients in the daily barrage of “Enlarge Your Penis!” and “I am a lonely Russian girl…” (apparently the SpamBots think I am a hetero male, who knew?) it might be time for BlackBerry to come up with some sort of filtering thing, possibly, yes? And the Gmail client on the Pearl is so lovely and responsive. Love the lovely Gmail client.

When I’m not espousing the myriad ways Google owns my soul, I’m pledging my eternal love to Apple. I’ve got an ancient – er, three year old, which is close enough to ancient in the tech world – iPod with 40 gigs of storage, and I’ve been using it to transfer work files to and from my work computer. Why use an iPod when I could use or something similar? I will tell you why: no internet at home right now. This means if I need to design something, I need to do it the dumb way, with no impulsive internet searches or fortuitous downloads. I’m getting the hang of it, but I can’t say I will be sorry when the folks at Covad finally give us WiFi.

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