solo parent, day 2

Despite the fact that Happy Fun Baby threw an inexplicable hissy fit last night and screamed non-stop from 7pm until around 9 (I was beginning to freak out a bit myself but he calmed down just as quickly as he’d melted down), we made it through the night without incident. The kid is a bit bedraggled today, but very cute.

Not So called yesterday around 6pm to let us know he’d gotten in okay, but aside from that we haven’t heard from him. I wouldn’t think twice about that except, man, if I were away from the kid for a protracted period of time? I’d be a mess. Not So and I have always reacted differently to absences, so I guess it’s not that weird that he isn’t all OCD like me. When I went to WebVisions for the day, I had to physically restrain myself from calling every hour to check up on the kid. (Which worked, apparently, because I didn’t call once. Which…maybe is bad in the other direction?)

We’re doing great over here, actually. The weather’s beautiful, I’m weirdly caught up with business stuff, and the kid is cheerful and cooperative. Time for a field trip!