cheers, peter

Notable LSD researcher Peter Stafford died on Thursday.

Peter was the only one of my mom’s ex-boyfriends I have anything good to say about (except for Barbara, who wasn’t a boyfriend and so is exempt). I wasn’t super close to him, but I liked him a lot, and he was always kind to me. He had the added bonus of being crazy-brilliant, which is a plus. The first time I did acid I went to the house where he and my mom (and a bunch of other people) were living, crying because I’d had a bad trip. My mom gave me niacin so I could feel my skin again. Peter stayed in the other room. She told me later that he wanted to interview me about it but it could wait until I was less freaked out. The interview never happened, but I thought that was sweet – both the eagerness of a researcher for new information on his pet subject, and the unspoken decision to give me space when I needed it.

Peter was a good person. I’ll miss him.

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