I am a cool kid. Know how I know? I got an invite to the invite-only beta of Ravelry. Social networking for yarnheads! (And yes, yarnheads is a word of my own devising. I am allowed to make up words, being a cool kid and all.)

hat for my sisterAlready being cool has upped my productivity, as I was so eager to get projects listed in my profile that I finally finished that hat I’ve been crocheting for my sister since, like, March. Now I just need to finish the matching scarf, and the first part of finishing (as I understand it) is starting. I thought about starting it last night, but I was bored and easily distracted. Tonight I may do some crocheting, but I might also sit in front of the computer and eat chocolate. I guarantee nothing.

(By the way, if you’re wondering why this picture looks so cool, it’s because Matt got a Lensbaby for his birthday – from me, because, as I mentioned, I am hip and cutting-edge – and it is more fun than kittens. There will be much fighting for the camera while we learn how to use it, I think.)

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