sketchy pals

yodel_cranky.jpg I was doodling at the last Crafty Mamas Bazaar and came up with a couple of fun designs that I messed with in Illustrator today. I think they might end up on tee shirts, or maybe cards, or maybe something else that I haven’t thought of. Because I think of things. I do.

Illustration is fun.

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7 thoughts on “sketchy pals”

  1. Good work! I know what you mean. My little prince is going through a phase of waking up every two hours at the moment. Can’t wait till he starts teething! Oh joy! By the way, following the video link you posted, HFB is seriously cute and a great dancer.

    I wanted to talk to you about your own parental issues – clearly comments in your blog is not the way to proceed. May I email you about it? Your reaction to it sounds really similar to mine… No worries if you don’t want to talk about it tho.


  2. OK. I could be wrong about this but on your site:
    do you mean eminently contactable rather than imminently? It just gave me the image of you on the starting blocks waiting to be contacted and getting all antsy because the technology wouldn’t work (although that may be what you meant!)

    I wish people in the UK (where I live) would relax enough to blog themselves. I think it would make fascinating reading, finding out what goes on behind those stiff upper lips! But in the meantime thankfully we have you…!


  3. Sarah, thank you! And as far as spelling mistakes go, I’d probably mention it. Otherwise I’m going to spend the next few days obsessively combing through my past entries (assuming I’m the one who made the mistake)!


  4. By the way, if you spotted what you think is a spelling mistake on someone’s website. would you correct them? Especially if you got the impression that this is something they would care about?


  5. Ok, it’s time to de-lurk! I’ve just read your entire blog from start to finish (after I put the baby to bed of course!) over several days, and I think I’m addicted. Please write more. Quickly. Now. Thanks!


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