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In Slightly Less Unhealthy news, I’ve once again decided to go on a fresh food/less sugar kick. The reasons are similar to last time (moodiness exacerbated by sugar, extreme crankiness, general sense of malaise) but with one added bit: low sugar diets can help with migraines.

Studies show that when a migraine person eats refined sugar, their blood sugar level goes up very high, then quickly comes down again. […] Natural sugars, such as fruit, completely unprocessed sugar cane juice, etc. do not cause this effect.

Natural Migraine Treatment FAQ

Since I am disinclined to argue with such an authority as Teh Interwebs, I figure I ought to try and cut out as much refined sugar as I can. This is somewhat challenging, since I like refined sugar. It’s so…refined. So crystalline and white, like wee little diamonds that you can eat. And such delicious things are made from it, such as chocolate, and things made out of chocolate.

Do I like it enough to have one or two migraines every month? Accompanied by mood swings and bitchiness?

Can I get back to you on that?

So far the diet change has been a piece of cake, and by cake I mean angel food. We had a lovely dessert of angel food cake, fresh berries, and a little bit of unsweetened heavy cream whipped with mascarpone cheese, and – wow. Not completely sugar-free, since there’s sugar in the cake, but certainly not on a par with anything made by Hostess. Which leads me to believe that I can totally do this, as long as we eat just like that for the rest of my life.

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2 thoughts on “refine this”

  1. Yeah, that’s hard! I don’t eat much sugar anymore, but it ends up in my coffee frequently. I read the Dr. Fuhrman books on nutrition, and they have excellent advice for migraines. He also has tons of recipes in there. His whole idea is to get as many nutrient-rich foods into your system as possible. I mostly cook according to these guidelines, and it’s great because we can literally stuff ourselves! He has a website if you’re interested. I think it’s just Good luck to you!


  2. Giving up or cutting back on refined sugars… hmm. That’s a tough one to think about. I mind me of my misspent youth and 3inch deep frosting. Cake? What cake? Who needs cake when they can have the Goddess Sugar? But I had a rare moment of insight and worked out that since blood sugar nasties run in the family that I should cut back. And yeah, serious dental issues in my late teens helped. I’m now a fan of the high fructose corn syrup cult, and a somewhat acolyte at the altar of artificial sweeteners.

    It can be done, is what I’m saying. Not fun, not always easy, and like most things that you vow to give up you may find the psychological part the harder end of cutting back. Much like our kids: they don’t care about a toy until you take it away, and then it’s OMG My Mother is Mean! Now that my own blood sugar’s in question, I’m craving a chocolate donut. Cake, with glaze, and auxilary sprinkles. And will my husband get this for me? Not since he saw the numbers that came up 2.5 hours after a single twinkie.

    Hang in there! We’re all pulling for you.


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