duckie got ducked

There it was, crying out to me from the shelf at Borders: Pretty in Pink, the Everything’s Ducky edition. No, I thought. This can’t be it. But when I flipped over the box, it said, plain as day: “Includes Original Ending!”

I’d despaired of ever seeing it. I’d thought that maybe it was an internet legend, one of those stories that sounds true but isn’t, of course. Because who would run off with Blane (whose sole redeeming attribute was, apparently, his ability to rock the 80s preppie ensemble) when you could have Duckie? Duckie’s, well, Duckie. Emo before there was emo, metrosexual before…you get the picture. Duckie was all good things about the 80s. There’s that moment in Andie’s bedroom when they put their heads together and you just know they’re going to kiss, and he looks so desperate and fragile and then they don’t, and she leaves, and he collapses on her bed saying “I love this woman” and that, my friends, that is the whole reason Pretty in Pink lives on. (Well, that and a deliciously sardonic James Spader, but shush, we’re talking about Duckie here.)

You know she’d end up with Duckie. Who wouldn’t? But every DVD release has failed to provide the final scene, the one shown to test audiences and rejected, the one every fangirl dreams about: the right ending. I had pictured it as John Hughes’ dark little secret; I had imagined him clutching the original film on his deathbed, whispering “…don’t let them see it…” as he kicks off…sunglass-wearing lawyers holding off legions of screaming fans while the film is immolated…but no. It’s been released! Praise be!

We watched the movie first so we’d fully appreciate the not-rightness of Andie running off with Blane at the end (although we grudgingly admit – and this is the royal ‘we’ here, as I do not believe Not So has given this nearly as much thought as I have – that the kissing in the mist scene is pretty dreamy, and we do so like the OMD song, which we understand was subbed for another after the new ending was filmed) and then we queued up the special features. Some of us may have been bouncing. “The Lost Dance.” Hee!

The actors, looking somewhat past their prime now that 20 years have passed, discussed the last scene in detail. In particular, they discussed why it didn’t work, and why the new ending was so much better OMG, and how we should all get over it, because of course she ends up with Blane, anyone could see that. A few tantalizing shots are shown, behind the scenes from the day the original ending was filmed. Molly Ringwald was ill that day, they tell us. She hated the original ending. She felt that her character would not have been attracted to Jon Cryer (although she felt that the original choice for Duckie, Robert Downey Jr., might have made sense, you know, for her character – um, hello? Actress much?). She had a crush on Andrew McCarthy. She likes the new ending much better. There is discussion about Andrew McCarthy’s hair.

And that’s it. They never show the original ending.


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2 thoughts on “duckie got ducked”

  1. I know – I’m sorry to disappoint, but better you find out from me than from a DVD full of LIES, yes? (Although I can’t say I’m sorry to own it…I love that movie, wrong ending and all.)


  2. I was so excited when I started reading this blog entry, thinking there may finally be some closure for me. I am beyond absolutely in love with Duckie. Unfortunately you popped my little bubble of happiness by the end. Geez thanks a lot…
    😉 But seriously I am so disappointed in John Hughes. At least in Some Kind of Wonderful the alternative kids end up together, but that’s just not good enough.


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