technical difficulties (with the blog, not with me, for once)

ETA: Fixed! Yay for having a husband who knows how to do things with databases!

Comments are down, in case you hadn’t noticed – apparently the comments database crashed, and I need to do something to it. Since the extent of my database savvy is “Step 1: Identify the Problem” I’m hoping the internet will come to my rescue and tell me exactly what I need to do.

This may take a while, since I took a “mental health” day yesterday (ha!) and the house, totally of its own accord, siezed the opportunity to become a complete disaster. House: why do you have it in for me? What did I ever do to you? You seriously do not want to know what I found in one of Happy Fun Baby’s sippy cups (be glad I was too grossed out even to take a picture). So I am cleaning, obviously, and not geeking. Except for right now. And, um, a little bit ago.

mama and baby (iSight)In the meantime, you can a) Pretend I’m one of those antisocial bloggers who (gasp!) don’t allow comments, or b) go over to Flickr and bug talk to me there. (Hint: clicking pretty much any picture will bring you to my photo stream. Handy!)

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