10 minutes

I haven’t written anything for NaNo today, my kid is STILL AWAKE and, literally, kicking, and I am so tired my eyes won’t blink properly. Yet, I post. I AM DOING THIS FOR YOU, INTERNETS.

It’s been one of those days that seem impossible in retrospect. I’ve been cleaning like crazy for Auntie Pep & her husband’s visit (they flew in at 6:30), finishing projects at work, doing finals for school, trying to keep up with the toddler (who has decided that I must be holding him every second of the day, unless he wants to run, in which case I must not hold him back because he has PLACES TO GO) and trying to grocery shop, or something. I actually stopped at Ikea on the way to the airport so that I could get some extra bedding, since we aren’t exactly prepared for visitors. So there I was, schlepping a stroller full of Swedish bedlinens through the airport waiting area, while running after an enthusiastically energetic Happy Fun Baby. For an hour and a half. Because of course with all my time paranoia I managed to be almost two hours early.

I’d say more, but my kid is driving me up the fucking wall right now, with the kicking and the smacking the keyboard and the pulling off of my glasses. It’s time for goodnight, y’all.

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