boots: acquired!

ZOMG, so after yesterday’s abortive boot-shopping expedition, I managed to find not only the Franco Sarto boots in my size (which, unfortunately, were somewhat more toe-crunching than I had anticipated so I’m especially glad I didn’t just buy them on the internet like the voices in my head were telling me to) but a pair of the cutest, comfiest, most flattering boots EVER at Nordstrom, for – get this – $69. Seriously. Not on sale or anything.

bp mattie

I got a pair, my sister got a pair. We rocked the matching boots. It was glorious.

It’s funny, too, because we totally weren’t going to go into Nordstrom. We’d gone to the downtown Nordstrom last night and found absolutely nothing of any import (except a snotty saleslady who informed me loftily they she didn’t even need to check to know they wouldn’t have anything in my size, while trying to woo my obviously wealthier sister into buying some Josef Seibels that she totally got later that night on eBay) so why bother going into the one at Lloyd Center, right? But we’d exhausted all our other boot possibilities, and I was already feeling grumpy and fatalistic since the one pair I’d been keen on at Macy’s (not the Franco Sartos, but a very riding-bootish pair from Bandolino) would have to be special-ordered and therefore would not qualify for the sale price OR give me anything resembling instant gratification. And really, if I wanted to order boots, wouldn’t I have done so from the comfort of my own home? Would I really have bothered to make my way through a crowded mall?

But we went, and behold! A whole juniors shoe section! Which apparently involved all the shoes that were both cute and affordable! Who would have guessed? We emerged, bootified and victorious, and met up with the boys for a round of ice skating.

As far as days go, this was pretty good.

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