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Happy New Year, internets! It’s an even-numbered year, which always makes me feel vaguely twitchy, but I have high hopes for 2008. If I knew anything about numerology I’d probably have something pithy to say about the auspiciousness of all the numbers adding up to 1, but I don’t, so I’ll just…move on to something I do know about. Like resolutions! I resolve things. I do. And sometimes I actually do the things I resolve. More often not, since I tend to forget my resolutions by roughly January 2, and don’t remember them again until the last days in December, when…well, it’s a bit too late to lose 20lbs by that time, yes?

So in an effort to keep this year’s resolutions in the running, I give you my list:

* Finish at least one novel (incl. rewrites – I technically *finished* at least one during NaNoWriMo, but it needs to be reworked, to put it mildly) and submit to agents
* Exercise at least 2x/week
* Schedule 2 afternoons/week to devote to playing/spending time with the kid
* End next year with at least $5000 in our savings account (current balance: 68 cents)

I feel like there ought to be more in there, like “Get thee to therapy!” or “Learn to Salsa!” but I’m going with what I have. Optimism! Optimism is my friend.

Except maybe there should be something in there about my hair.


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  1. It occurs to me that you could easily combine the exercise one with the intensive playtime one. Isn’t Happy Fun at the perfect age for running around, moderate roughhousing, and other active persuits? You can get quite a workout by running him into the ground at the park. Or your living room. Just remember to start off slowly, that’s the warmup phase, and when you’re ready to stop taper it off by an equally gradual amount. If he’s amenable and exhausted, this could lead to such things as Naps. And Resting. And I’ve heard that some small humans even enjoy Early Bedtimes.


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