I took a week off over the holidays. When I tell people this, they’re all “Great! You need to take breaks! It’s good to take the time to relax!” They usually sound a little shrill, also, which gives the impression that my insistence on working during every possible minute of every possible day is a little, I don’t know, weird or something. Pff.

Except, well, ever since then, my head has felt fuzzy and my limbs have been heavy and my motivation has been…not. Perhaps you are getting your husband’s cold, you say, to which I respond HA! I have worked through colds. I have worked through EVERYTHING. Why should this be any different?

I will save you the trouble of answering. Obviously, taking time off was a colossal mistake and my sudden inability to give a crap about drumming up new work is evidence that I should never take time off again. I mean, duh, right? It’s all about entropy, baby.