A thing I learned today? When toddlers vomit, there is little to no preamble. One minute they’re cranky and clinging, and the next, a fountain of unpleasantness is erupting from their mouths. The first time, the poor kid fixed his big eyes on me, giving me such a look of panic that I almost didn’t care that he’d soaked my shirt in baby puke. Poor monkey. It’s hard to be two.

At least it explains some of the crankiness from last night, and the fact that he pretty much slept the morning away. No fever, no other symptoms, just a lot of lethargy and several changes of bedding. (I changed my shirt, but long for a shower.)

He seems better now – had a long nap, woke up cheerful and grinning, and is now eating goldfish crackers like they’re going out of style. I’m glad, because I really want to go to the PMI meeting tonight but I don’t want to leave if the kid’s too ill. Already had to cancel a (potential) client call at the last minute, since I can’t exactly chat on the phone while my baby’s actively being sick. Guilty as I feel about bailing on work like that (so unprofessional!), I made the right choice. Prioritizing. If I don’t get this project, the world will not end. (I just hope they reply to my email at some point…)

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  1. What’s even more disconcerting is when they look at you and smile sweetly and the next minute there is vomit to clean up. Talk about no preamble! Glad to hear he is feeling better. There must be a vomiting spree going on across the nation…


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