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One of my readers asked where I got my felt, and it occurs to me – I know stuff! Stuff about things! I will share it with you. Don’t say I never got you anything.

kreia - close (check out the new tag!)Felt: I get my felt from either Distinctive Fabric or Hart’s (which, I was amused to discover, is based in my old home town – they ship anywhere, though). They both sell by the yard (and a yard of felt is a LOT), but check the remnants first, especially if you aren’t looking for a particular color.

Shirt blanks: I have a wholesale account with American Apparel (you have to go through an application process, but I didn’t have any problem getting approved). The nice thing is that you can order in small quantities, so I can just get what I need instead of having to buy shirts by the case in every size.

Labels: Name Maker prints text on ribbon, and I’ve found it perfect for labels on the Cranky Pals. I got the pale green with polka dots on the border; the dots disappear after the first machine washing, but the text remains (and still looks good).

Other fabrics: I have a love thing for Bolt Fabric Boutique (they’re local; no idea if they ship). That’s where I get the fuzzy blue stuff for Twonk.

Supplies: Michael’s, mostly. I use embroidery thread for the stitching.

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  1. Oh, no kidding! Mine’s sick right now and there is a lot of last-minute plan changing. I totally think you should get your Etsy shop up again when you’ve got the time! That would rock.


  2. Great post. It inspires me to start thinking about rebuilding my etsy shop again. It’s down to nothing now because of Life Stuff. I always forget that combining mothering with paid work is a very fine balance. The kids come first, and some days I have to throw out my concept of what a day was supposed to be like.


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