I have the power, except when I don’t

Hi, I’m Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of…er, no.

Where was I? Oh yeah. I blow-dried my hair the other day. Big deal, you say – but what you don’t realize is that I haven’t actually blow-dried my hair the entire time we’ve lived in this apartment. So, like, eight months? And it’s not like I was prom queen before that. So doing my hair = big fun, let me tell you.


Of course, there was a catch. This is an artistic recreation of the combination between blow dryer and historic apartment building (with its corresponding historic wiring):


(Okay, secretly I like this picture because my arm looks positively muscular. But, also! Also it is illustrative.)

Yes, two minutes into my hair-styling routine, I blew a fuse. Then I did it again, just for fun. Old wiring FTW!

So apparently I actually can’t blow-dry my hair. And in related news, I should always be viewed by low light, and possibly in a tank top.

2 thoughts on “I have the power, except when I don’t”

  1. VERY cool pictures. But how did you take them, with blow dryer in one hand and camera in the other? Good balance in that case, I say! Whenever I try to take a self-portrait, I end up with flashes of my nose and not much else.


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