Tried to go out tonight. Seemed like such a good idea. Not So texted me (because we are like that, with the texting) to say that the friends we have in town wanted to go for dinner at 7:30. He went out and caroused with them last night, so it was totally my turn, but I’ve been working all day and feeling sort of less than gregarious, so I said he should just go. But Not So was all, “It’s just dinner. Let’s bring the kid! After dinner I’ll take him home and you can go out and have some fun.” I was all, “Um, our kid? The one who has been throwing fits over food in our own home?” And he was all “Oh, he’s been great today, it won’t be a problem.”


Let me say again: HA.

So I came home, put on some makeup (!!!), and we all traipsed off to the Rogue Brewery. I should have known it was doomed when Not So was all oh hey, it’s [guy] and [his girlfriend], since I thought it was just going to be Friend A and Friend B…but then it turned out that I actually know [guy], so that wasn’t so bad. So we sat down, and ordered some food for the kid, and Not So ordered a burger, and everything seemed like it was going to be fine. But then this enormous group of people came in, and [guy] and [his girlfriend] were all “Over here!” and Not So grabbed Ellison out of his chair so we could squish together to make room. And I totally didn’t know anyone in the enormous group of people, and do you know how I get when I’m around big groups of people I don’t know? Picture this:


Multiplied by about a thousand. With a kicking kid on my lap, who had absolutely ZERO interest in his food.

And then our friends got there. They sat way over there <— while I was sort of sandwiched in the middle, which meant my options for conversation were limited to a series of expressive blinks and hand gestures. Which, not so easy while the toddler was a wriggling mass of not wanting to be there. At some point, Not So leaned over to me and said “I didn’t think it was going to be all these people!” I said, as Ellison shoved his knee down the front of my shirt, “I think I need to take him home.”

Not So tried to argue, but his dinner was literally being put on the table, so it didn’t make sense for him to go home. (I hadn’t ordered anything, because I figured I’d just eat what the kid left – which turned out to be everything, and which I did not eat. Yes yes, poor me.)

Anyway, so we left. And now Not So gets to go out for the second night in a row, while (for the second night in a row) I sit at home, watching Jack’s freaking Big Music Show. And oh, I’m feeling mighty sorry for myself, let me tell you. I’m even having a beer, and I don’t even LIKE beer.


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  1. Blog update! I did it! Not too sure about this whole thing yet and am very poor (what with the going to school, the car payment, and the rent), so I got a free blog at wordpress! Yay me!


  2. Oh, I am SO there with you!! Actually, with both of you. I think I am coming down with flu and what does that mean? The day out by myself that I NEED and have LOOKED FORWARD TO for weeks will probably not happen, unless by some miracle I recover by tomorrow morning. I cannot tell you how cranky this makes me!!


  3. Thanks for the well wishes. I’m not feeling much better, but had to come to school anyway. Two exams today. 1 down, 1 to go. Totally just failed the first one though. Makes me REALLY want to take the second one, I tell you.


  4. You could have had my Friday night instead of your Saturday night. My Friday night was supposed to be a great night out with my boyfriend. Instead, I was running a 101 degree temperature and it took my 2 hours to get ready after getting out of the shower because the robe? The robe was warm, and even warmer when worn over jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. But since the boyfriend had been planning this night out for a while (it was our Valentine’s dinner since I was *supposed* to be at work on Valentine’s Day) I decided to tough it out and go out anyway. So, we went to the restaurant where there was a 45 minute wait and no seat-yourself-at-the-bar (who doesn’t have seat-yourself-at-the-bar????), so we decided to go to Circuit City and check out the $3.99 DVD sale. Then we went to dinner where boyfriend spent a good amount of money for me to pick at my salad and food, drink a half a glass of water (yup no wine for me because I’m sick and wine+sick=sleep at table). My poor boyfriend!! Then it was to home where I watched the first 20 minutes of new movie bought at DVD sale before passing out. I’m a great Valentine’s date, I tell you. BTW….am thinking about starting my own blog instead of leaving page long comments on everyone else’s. Need a good name first, though. Hmmmm Sicky here I come!!


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