ear, nose and throat

Getting sick is stupid. I had all these grand plans for today, some of which involved the shopping for and buying of shoes (but most of which were work-related, as per usual), but now I’m sitting at home with a sore throat and an aching ear. You’d think, how nice, you get to go home when you feel under the weather, that must be a great perk. And you’d be right, if said home did not contain a) a tantrum-y two year old and b) a week’s worth of chores which I overlooked during last week’s frenetic deadline-fest. I say “I” not because all the chores are belong to me, but because apparently if I don’t point out things like the overflowing diaper champ and the fact that there is half a piece of pizza just sitting on the counter they don’t exist. (To be fair: it’s not like I took a lot of notice of the state of the house last week, and Not So has been really stressed out lately. I’m just saying: home. Sick. Cleaning. What’s wrong with this picture?)

I don’t have time to be sick, is what it really comes down to. There is no room in my schedule for illness. I don’t even have time for a haircut, for crying out loud, and I actually want to do that. Clearly, clearly, this means I can skip the whole virus thing. I have stuff to do! Stuff that is not being sick!

Speaking of stuff, Not So thinks we should take an ad out in one of the weeklies for couldbe studios. I think he’s certifiable. Has he looked at my schedule lately?

3 thoughts on “ear, nose and throat”

  1. I got so freaked out by my body aches and sore throat last week that I slammed Vitamin C and probiotic drinks like shots. Okay, not really. But I drank two of those little containers a day, not just one, and took them with VitC, and the next morning (36 hours after I got The Tickle), I woke up pretty much better. My husband, on the other hand, does not believe in that stuff. He has had flu for 4 days.

    Hope you feel better soon. And pound DanActive drinks. I am swearing by that stuff this year!


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