if by carnie you mean carnivorous

Had an unexpected attack of must eat flesh or I will die yesterday. After enjoying a spectacular medium-rare steak (Foreman Grill FTW!), I retired to the restroom, where – wouldn’t you know it? – I started my period. Iron cravings, anyone? I mention this primarily to illustrate that I appear to have gotten back in touch with my body (dirty!), but also because it’s been far too long since there was any TMI in this blog.

Currently I’m eating After Dark Chocolate ice cream (the best freaking ice cream ever, for serious) and trying to find tax stuff. I’m taking Tuesdays and Thursdays as “light” work days, so of course I’m working like a mad person. Seriously, internets: WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Can I not take time off? Can I not prioritize? And it’s not like I was ultra productive today, either, what with my gmail being all wonktastic (the topbar is all improperly aligned and it drives me insane, it does) and my BlackBerry insisting that I have messages when I do not. But still. (I did update the portfolio section on the couldbe site, finally, so that if people go there they can actually, you know, see what we’ve done. Novel!)

I did spend some time this afternoon just hanging out with the kid. No TV, no computer, just us and the great urban outdoors. Then I dressed him up in Cranky gear and took pictures.

yodel shirt!

Next, I need to update that site. Maybe next Tuesday?

One thought on “if by carnie you mean carnivorous”

  1. i don’t have anything better to do on Tuesdays except sit on the Net. Except mother the Toddler who is uber-clingy in today’s anticipated brother-meeting that got unexpectedly canceled. And do the dishes. And get a few dozen projects out of the way. And know that I don’t have my baby home yet despite all our plans to the contrary. I share your feelings about prioritizing. Part of me wants to spend all tomorrow with Robbie, the other part wants to take Tiff to the zoo and forget about today completely, and the rest knows that if I don’t show up and deal with the appts we’ve got planned the world will go nuts. Where’s Mary Poppins when you need her?


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