random swellingOkay, the hell? I was in the bathroom washing my hands when I glanced in the mirror and saw a huge swollen lump on the bridge of my nose. Bug bite? Wasn’t there when I woke up, and I think I’d have noticed a bug on the bridge of my nose, even if I hadn’t had my coffee yet. Zit? Did not respond to squeezing (and yes, I tried).

closer viewDecided the wisest course of action would be to ignore it so it would go away.

Two hours later it’s still there…except now it’s spreading. The corner of my eye is all puffy and swollen. WTF?

4 thoughts on “puff”

  1. thank goodness for you lovely lady I discovered this post and I feel relieved as I have the exact same thing but I think its a bug bite too and I go away soon and was worried my nose would still be swollen =o

    lots of love!


  2. Not So thinks it’s a bug bite, and he might be right since it’s all un-puffy today (with an angry red scab where the swelling was worst). But, ugh! Thanks for the commiseration, guys. Non-Trad, I had a thing like that on my lip once, too! I totally forgot until I read your post.


  3. That happened to me last year in the fall, except my random swollen lump was on my lip. I had no idea what it was so I finally went to the doctor. He didn’t know what it was, either, but gave me antibiotics (which I didn’t take, because I’m like that) and it went away after a few days. Weird medical stuff that even doctors don’t know about. If anyone’s gonna get it, it would be me. I AM the one who got MRSA from a tanning bed, after all.


  4. do you wear glasses? this happened to me at the end of last year. it was a zit, and it eventually popped, but it is STILL HEALING and a little red, 4 months later! i don’t understand why it’s such a different type of pimple, but that’s what it was for me.


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