Yeah, I re-did the site again. It’s pretty, no? What with all the pink and the scribbles. That’s what it’s like inside my head these days. Pink and scribbles. Wait, that sounded weirdly porny. Okay, scratch that – it’s just that pink is the color of the future (yeah, that’s it) and scribbles are…

Whatever. It’s redesigned. Took me all damn weekend, too.

I’ve also got video (whee!) down there in the lower right. Now you don’t just have to settle for me bitching and whining in print: you can also hear my dulcet voice! I know, you are overcome. Don’t speak.

There’s still some tweaking to do on the site design, so if you notice any particularly egregious errors please point them out in the comments. I apparently can’t be bothered to check the site on a PC, so IE people, I’m looking at you.

3 thoughts on “revamp”

  1. like the new look! I’ve been horribly behind on all my favorite blogs lately, but I’m glad to hear things are going well. And Ellison is so adorable! This is such a great age, watching them explore their worlds and start interacting with other people.


  2. I did lose some weight! Thanks for noticing. 🙂

    We had the mattress on the floor for probably…six months? The good news is, once walking isn’t quite so novel, they don’t try to do it in their sleep anymore. But that takes a while!


  3. Hi! Like the new site! And is it me, or have you lost loads of weight???

    It seems fine in IE, which is what I (have to) use (if I had my way, I’d have a mac as well).

    Also, wanted to pick your brains about the co-sleeping thing. Specifically, what do you do when your baby wants to crawl and walk in his sleep??? We’re thinking of turning our bedroom into a completely baby-proof room with a mattress on the floor. Is that what you did?

    Take care, bye!


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