it’s a walk-off

After the 1,257th* consecutive day wearing jeans and a tee shirt, I started to think that maybe I could use some fashion advice. I used to be cute. Seriously! I had what they call “style,” which mostly means I wore a lot of black and had too many shoes.

my slightly more fashionable days(That’s me, circa 2003. Eagle-eyed viewers will note that my hair is remarkably similar now. Red stripe FTW!) I’ve been sort of at a loss lately as far as fashion is concerned. Not enough energy to go goth (plus, let’s face it, do I really want to perpetuate the Chubby Goth Girl stereotype?), too much belly fat to be hip, too old to be trendy. What’s a girl to do?

Then I started reading fashion blogs like the inimitable Some Girls Wander (which, like every other blog I come across at random, is by someone in Portland) and I realized that what it really comes down to is cute shoes and ruffles. Once you’ve got the cute shoes and the ruffles, it’s all good.

So! I’m going to start a) haunting consignment shops, b) combing sale pages and sites like 6pm and DSW (oh, let’s be honest, I was doing that already) and c) learning to use my sewing machine. At some point this has to equal cute outfits, yes?

Not going to ditch the jeans and tee shirts, though. I’m still made of me, you know.

*All numbers are approximate. And by “approximate” I mean “completely made up.”