one down, to go

COVERCHARGE_LGGot a super cute pair of Aerosoles on clearance at Macy’s. I love Macy’s clearance sales because things are marked down so much it’s just ridiculous. Seriously, where else can you find the 40% off rack with an additional 50% markdown? (I am a sucker for a good sale.)

These particular shoes are a teensy bit big (which, I know, shouldn’t even be possible given the massive size of my foot-planks) but once I add some insoles or whatever they should be fine. Also, they’re red. I love red shoes. I wonder if they’d make me look whorish paired with a kicky little plaid skirt?

2 thoughts on “one down, to go”

  1. Just had to tell you, albeit a little late, that your red shoe post inspired to me go to Macy’s and find my OWN pair of red shoes, also on sale. In fact, marked down so severely that they practically paid me to buy them. So, thank you! (Or perhaps not cuz did I really need another pair of shoes? Ignore that! One always needs shoes!)


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