splitting hairs

from the sideSo-o, I got my hair cut. All of them, in fact. Which is always a little nerve-wracking, especially since a) I’m a control freak and b) I go to the cheapest haircutting place in town. I know, right? But up until recently I’ve had really good luck there. It’s just the last few haircuts that have been somewhat, er, lacking. For example, I went in today saying I wanted a chunky A-line bob, and got…this weird gamine cut, instead.

Whatev. It’s cute, even if it isn’t what I wanted. Also (and you can’t see this in the photo) it’s still blue, which is happy-making. It’s fading in an entertaining way, and the bleachy bits mean that I can add fun colors without having to do any real work, and isn’t that what everyone wants from their hair?