potty training: check

I’ve been dreading potty training the kid, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about: he did it on his own.

Yes. You read that right. He potty trained himself.

About two weeks ago, Ellison announced that he wanted to use the potty. Nothing new; he’d been doing that periodically for months, but last time I hunkered down and tried to get him to use it reliably resulted in nothing but soiled underpants and tears. So, sure, he used the potty, and then I went to put his diaper on and he was like “No! No diaper!”

Okay. So I let him wear some big-boy underpants, thinking what the hell, we don’t have to be anywhere.

And he wore them all day. And didn’t have any accidents.

And then his diaper was dry in the morning. And he wore underpants all that day, too.

And then all of the next night.

And it’s been two weeks.

DUDE. If I had known potty training would be this easy I would never have stressed out about it. This parenting thing is a piece of cake.

3 thoughts on “potty training: check”

  1. You are the poster mom for potty teaching! As a pediatrician, I try to get parents to let their kids lead them into the world of the porcelain throne ’cause it’s so much less stressful for everyone. You proved that beautifully.



  2. Ha! You dodged that bullet. When it came time to potty train Seth, it was a nightmare. He was 4 and adamantly refused to have anything to do with the potty. Instead, he’d sneak out in the backyard and crap in his pants. Then, he’d come into the house and announce “Dad, I’m poo-poo.” No amount of bribing, cajoling, or otherwise “training” could get him to go. When we had him start washing out his underwear, however, we had a magical improvement. Ian was a piece o’ cake in comparison. Almost Ellison, but not quite.


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