• We’ve actually started going to the gym! A leading motivator is the fact that they have kick-ass childcare which Ellison LOVES. He begs to be taken to the gym. It’s cute. (Related things that are kicking asses, namely mine: pilates. Ow ow ow.)
  • Ellison got into preschool! SO EXCITED OMG. He starts in the fall. I may or may not be marking off days on the calendar.
  • The kid continues to be potty trained, and this continues to amaze me. (Though I have not brought him to Ikea yet.)
  • Matt landed a book deal with PeachPit and we’re in the process of writing the next Visual QuickStart Guide for WordPress. Woot!
  • I’ve got two spanky new work projects that should be really fun and now I will stop talking about work because this is my personal blog damnit and I can totally talk about other things, right? Right?
  • Uh…
  • I like donuts.